1 to 1 Coaching

Whether you are looking to improve your game and become the best player you can be or you have just started out and want to get a head start, 1 to 1 Coaching is the ideal course for you. It can also bridge the gap between local and academy football. Players often develop at different stages and need extra coaching. The general technical ability of players is decreasing however this course is guaranteed to change this and it will also improve the overall understanding of the game. Each player will be provided with an individual development plan which will focus on the correct training exercises and up to date methods.

This is a programme that is adapted to individual needs and it is an ideal activity for children who want to focus more on:

  • technical abilities
  • footwork
  • athleticism
  • balance
  • agility and speed
  • confidence

For a more intense programme that focuses on a stricter workout session, your child will take part in general and football fitness which includes:

  • sprinting techniques
  • speed endurance
  • agility coordination
  • ball mastery and much more

Please Note! All children must be accompanied by a parent during 1 to 1 coaching sessions.

For more information on this course and what your child’s goals are, please contact the 66 Coaching team.

Age Group 4-15