Inset Day’s


Inset Day Childcare (Age group 4-11)

During Inset days, teachers have commitments to fulfill and 66 Coaching can provide high quality, fun and engaging Childcare options from 8:30am to 15:30pm, Monday to Friday. This programme is specifically designed for children aged 4-11 years, giving them the opportunity to play many exciting and interactive games whilst expanding their friendship groups.

The Inset Day programme will always take place on school grounds and it guarantees a disruption-free training day for teachers and enables parents to maintain a normal daily routine. Our 66 Tutors will provide stress-free, high-quality childcare that will ensure children take part in the activities in a way that stimulates their social and emotional development. Key skills will also be developed including, turn-taking and co-operation with new friends in a friendly manner.

Some of the activities will include:

  • Dodgeball
  • Bench-ball
  • Football
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Duck-Duck, Goose
  • Nintendo Wii