Children are curious when it comes to discovering activities and developing new skills, especially in sports. At 66 Coaching, our aim is to help them achieve their full potential. This will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the children’s social development and overall growth.Our speciality is working within the educational environment where we can create rapport with all members of staff and their pupils. The services we provide are Breakfast Clubs, Lunch Time Clubs, After School Clubs, Inset day Childcare, PE Lessons and PPA Cover.

Breakfast Clubs (Age Group 4-11)

No matter the time of day, children are full of energy. At 66 Coaching, we aim to put that energy to good use through games and activities that are designed to help children maintain focus in class whilst having fun at the same time.

Typical activities during the Breakfast Club include:

  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Parachute Games
  • Bench-ball

Lunch Time Clubs:

Although children play games during their lunch break, many run out of things to do quickly; this is where we come in. We aim to challenge the pupils to participate in sport sessions with games that involve teamwork, individual skill development and a high level of fun.

Our aim is to keep everyone active through sports activities that they may not get the chance to play with their friends. Our Lunch Time Club also provides a good opportunity to focus on team training for upcoming matches,and our tutors can devise a tailored programme to help all participants improve their overall skills.

At 66 Coaching, we also offer Lunch-Time Supervision where our tutors will compile a strategy to involve all pupils in fun and exciting games, for instance ‘Stuck in the Mud’ or friendly football matches and much more. All activities are specifically designed to improve and strengthen your child’s leadership skills whilst also encouraging them to make new friends.

After School Clubs (Age Group 4-11)

There are a wide variety of after school clubs that run alongside school days. This club develops specific strategies and sessions for each team and individual to maximise everyone’s potential and fun.

Some of the clubs run by 66 Coaching are:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Multi-Sports
  • Athletics
  • 66 Active Kids

All clubs and sports are designed to suit the age group that your children are in.

PPA -PE Lessons in Schools:

PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) runs alongside school PE lessons. This is a session provided by our tutors who promote an active life designed to improve quality in sport delivery in schools. Our tutors will provide lesson plans and curriculums that are carefully structured to meet individual needs with a clear and achievable task that will be presented to the teacher prior to the start of the session.

We can also provide assistance with Teacher’s PE lessons, devise programmes for PE Teachers, offer support with pupil reports, and substitute a teacher in their absence. Lessons can be tailored to the schools request to meet any requirements.

Inset Day Childcare (Age group 4-11)

During Inset days, teachers have commitments to fulfill and 66 Coaching can provide high quality, fun and engaging Childcare options from 8:30am to 15:30pm, Monday to Friday. This programme is specifically designed for children aged 4-11 years, giving them the opportunity to play many exciting and interactive games whilst expanding their friendship groups.

The Inset Day programme will always take place on school grounds and it guarantees a disruption-free training day for teachers and enables parents to maintain a normal daily routine. Our 66 Tutors will provide stress-free, high-quality childcare that will ensure children take part in the activities in a way that stimulates their social and emotional development. Key skills will also be developed including, turn-taking and co-operation with new friends in a friendly manner.

Some of the activities will include:

  • Dodgeball
  • Bench-ball
  • Football
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Duck-Duck, Goose
  • Nintendo Wii

To find out more about our Schools programme, please contact the 66 Coaching team.