Birthday Parties

Parties are the best thing in children’s eyes and you want to make sure that your child and his/her friends are having a blast. Why not let us take care of the party? We provide the equipment and all the games so you can sit back and relax whilst the guests are running around. If you would like our coaches to be in charge of your party for either 1 hour or 1hr 30min, we will make sure that the party is delivered to the highest of standards.
All our coaches are DBS checked, qualified and experienced so your children are in safe hands.


66 Football Party:
Football birthday parties are a great way for children to burn off energy while having fun, taking part in a wide selection of activities designed for both boys and girls. This party is aimed at children who love to play football with friends and develop their skills with exciting and fun football games. Activities will include warm up games, team competitions and at the end of the party, a World Cup final scenario will take place. All participants will be awarded medals for their hard work.


66 Active Party:
As the name suggests, this type of party is aimed at children who love playing fun games with all their friends. The activities are a mixture of famous original party games such as ‘Stuck in the Mud’, ‘Parachute’ games such as ‘Cat and Mouse’, ‘Duck – duck – goose!’, ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’ and many more. If there are any particular games that your child wants to play, you can request this when booking so you can be sure that your child will have the best birthday.


66 Multi Sports Party:
If playing just one sport is not your child’s thing, then a Multi Sports party is definitely for you. You and your child can select from the list of sports below. These can be mixed and matched to create the ideal party, and if the sport that you would like to play is not listed below, then don’t hesitate to contact 66 Coaching and we will be more than happy to accommodate your party needs.


  • Football
  • Uni Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Dodge Ball
  • Handball
  • Rounders

For more information or enquiries on any of our parties give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help.