Lunch Time Club

Lunch Time Club:

Although children play games during their lunch break, many run out of things to do quickly; this is where we come in. We aim to challenge the pupils to participate in sport sessions with games that involve teamwork, individual skill development and a high level of fun.

Our aim is to keep everyone active through sports activities that they may not get the chance to play with their friends. Our Lunch Time Club also provides a good opportunity to focus on team training for upcoming matches,and our tutors can devise a tailored programme to help all participants improve their overall skills.

At 66 Coaching, we also offer Lunch-Time Supervision where our tutors will compile a strategy to involve all pupils in fun and exciting games, for instance, Stuck in the Mud, Parachute Games or friendly football matches and much more. All activities are specifically designed to improve and strengthen your child’s leadership skills whilst also encouraging them to make new friends.