At 66 Coaching we focus on developing children’s aptitudes whether they wish to have fun or they want to develop and improve their skills in the game so they can achieve their full potential.

Each course is specifically designed to focus on specific areas of football and children can choose to have:

1-1 coaching which is designed to improve all aspects of your child’s game.

Team Training – Why not have the 66 Coaching staff down to run a couple of sessions for you, where your child can interact and have fun with their team mates through exercise, learning new football technique and improve working as a team. We will provide your team with session plans, new activities to learn from and help everyone achieve their goals.

We want your child to have the best time whilst also learning new skills through sport. Football is a great confidence builder as children learn to play the game and make new friends whilst also learning to work as part of a team and interacting with friends of the same age.

It is well known that sports and general exercise brings people together and it is also true that by doing this on a regular basis, social skills and mental and physical fitness improve as well. Your child will not only improve their skills on the pitch but will help with their life skills through interaction with different children and the staff members which will also benefit your child at school.



Monday Night Football and Saturday Morning Football – The session where your children can turn up with their friends and enjoy playing football. The 66 Coaching team will supply the equipment and the sessions will be set out and ready to go on arrival!
Just Turn Up, bring your boots and your drink and you are ready to go.

So why not browse through our courses and see what we have to offer? All courses are structured and organised to provide individual development for each child and to help bring out their potential whilst maintaining the fun factor in youth football.

The courses we are currently running are BRAND NEW Monday Night Football, Saturday Morning Football, 1-1 Coaching, and Team Training,
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